One Day in Szentendre

Pocketbook, 205 pages
City walks with maps, photos, stories


What is this guidebook about? It is about the history and sights of Szentendre. You will find in it maps and marked walking paths too. And what else? Restaurants, cafés, confectionaries, buffets, accommodation, shops… Event calendar, excursions in the area, sports… Transportation, exchange, post offices… GP’s offices, pharmacies, institutes… That is, everything a tourist needs!

We address our book, as its title shows, to those who intend to spend only one day in Szentendre, have time just for a short walk. However, our aim is to allure our readers who have taken a first stroll to take a walk again and again, to stay here for a longer period. We would like to show bit by bit how many interesting things, how much beauty, how many “secrets” this town has in store.